Saturday, October 31, 2009

Your Rural Experience

On the way to Vaigaon, Take a break from the drive and let some soothing winds rustle through your hair

Pose for a Pic against the backdrop of the Dhom Dam and Sahyadri Mountains

Arrive at vaigaon and relish some great home made poha and tea.

Hike around the village, absorb the green surroundings.

Experience farming your own way...right down to earth.

Play in the Krishna River which comes all the way from Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar

Come back and have a sumptuous lunch, learn about the village, the habitat and its people. They have their own story to tell.

Then its time to stretch your body and play a good game of football...albeit differently.

Its the best mud bath ever....

Thats the beauty of the Game.....

Take a Dip in the nearby stream to wash off the earth...

Its been a great day.

The Next day the explorer in you wakes up...

Do the TRUST WALK uphill...there is a lot to explore

Welcome to NETRA...the eye shaped cave

Its a panoramic view....

Next Stop is for some warm and fresh masala milk

Take a Hike to the Balkawdi Dam...Beautiful and Scenic Winding Roads


The Picture perfect way to your journey back home..:)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vaigaon and Rain - Eternal Bliss

There are lot of beautiful places in Vaigaon and time slows down and gradually pauses as you just delve into it. 

The rainy season has a lot to offer and a lot to offer to the adventure and fun loving crowd.

An Idyllic Setting of the village at the Foothills of the Sahaydri

Kates Point, the nearest and the Best trekking point. Look at the bottom left, and see the Balkawdi Dam.

The Krishna River and the Balkawdi Dam

Cool air and green roads.

The Valley.....

Top of the Hill

The Winding road.....

Its a jungle out there.

Blessings of Lord Indra

Friday, May 29, 2009


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chirag and Jatan

Every person dreams of achieving big but only a few gets the chance to actually savour it.

These two guys, Jatan & Chirag, not only dreamt big but also went from all odds to turn it into reality.They knew it was tough but there is a saying when the going gets tough,the tough get going. It was their headstrong attitude and to think out of the box which helped them to achieve what they wanted to and from there the concept SUKH SADHANA took birth.
As the blog says , it’s a door to escape to a new world which is rich in its culture, tradition, affection and love;where u get the chance to see the mother nature at its pristine form;where your gusto compels you to reach the peak of the mountain n then see the world around..Technically we call it Rural tourism, but if you ask me,I would like to call it-“Rendezvous with nature”.
So all u people who are looking for an adventurous excursion, you are knocking at the right door.
We thank these two guys to come out with such concept and let us be the part of it. It is a great learning n experience..

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Making

Sukh Sadhana started off with the need to do something different than usual. Chirag and Jatan conceptualised this idea when they went for a rural visit to vaigaon as a part of our college trip.

The college group

A brain wave came to both of them and got into talks with the village gram panchayat.

Chirag talking to the Up-Sarpanch

The rooms earlier

Both, themselves went in a minitruck to vaigaon with the initial startup material.

The Destination

The pooja took place.

And the work started off

And this is what came as a result of sustained efforts.

Chirag and Jatan at the Balkawdi Dam

Meanwhile the Logo was ready!!

The Rural Resort - The journey has just begun

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sukh Sadhana - A Rural Tourism Concept

Rural tourism is a concept very unique in itself and simplicity of life is the best definition for rural tourism. India pulsates with villages and they still continue to house and nourish the finest traditions India can boast of. Rich in its culture and traditions, Indian villages are a microcosm portrait of the nation in its best way.

We have endeavoured to build up this same experience in the real village. We're talking of "Vaigaon" a small hamlet located about half hour from Wai (Satara).
It'd be grossly unjust to compare a normal vacation to the experience of vaigaon which offers you the experience of the mighty Krishna River, the Historic Kamalgarh fort, the scenic balkawdi dam and the sweet strawberry farms to keep you occupied in natures trance all day long. The sahyadri range gives vaigaon its crowning glory and sunsets on the hill just cant get better.




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